Fly Car Stunt, as the name indicates, is a fun game that combines the thrill of speed with the excitement of performing stunts. The game takes you on a long adventure with numerous twists and turns to keep things interesting all along!

The goal is simple — reach the finish line without dropping. If you play this game with a friend you can take the action a notch higher as things will get even more fun. There is a lot of action, stunts, and races to enjoy.

This game is a perfect choice for a weekend with friends. What are you waiting for? Start planning the getaway already.


Fly Car Stunt was developed in 2019 by RHM Interactive.

Fly Car Stunt Instructions

Fly Car Stunt is an online game that is best enjoyed in two-player mode. You can control all the action in the game using the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W, A, S, and D to move the vehicle for player 1.
  • Arrow keys can be used by the second player to control the action.