This is an offroad car racing game where you will be given two cars that are chained together. There are two modes in this game. Your cars will be connected but you have to drive only one car, obviously.

You will need to manage the other one too while you are on dangerous tracks. You will need a lot of skills to navigate the landscape and that’s where the thrill of the game lies.

One of the modes is about skilled driving and in the other, you will also need to move around a steep racing track. Whichever mode you pick, you will need to be skillful in both driving and racing. And the adrenaline rush you will feel throughout the game is going to be very real.


Chained Cars Impossible Game was developed in 2020 by Zuma Studio.

Chained Cars Impossible Game Instructions

Use the following keys:

  • The controls will be on your screen

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