T Rally is an online car racing game. It has visually captivating graphics and you start off with the option of driving five rally cars. The goal is to destroy the terrorists on your track and when you do, you not only win the game but also get to unlock more cars that will help you level up.

The game lets you start in a place you pick. You must look for areas that have a lot of terrorists. These are characters that are bullying the residents when you decide to turn into a hero and put an end to their reign.

You are allowed to personify law without being a law enforcement officer. Apart from the grim satisfaction, you get a new car for every 15 terrorists you obliterate. There are hardly any physical limitations for your car.


T Rally was released in 2020 by g55.co.

T Rally Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W, A, S or D keys to drive
  • Space bar for brakes
  • C to change the camera view