If you are a rebel who does not like rules, this is a game tailor-made for you. Free Rally is a multiple-car game that has no rules. You can break the traffic rules, partake in the lawlessness on the road and jump signals. Do what you please! The game offers you eight cars, stamps and a huge training ground to drive the action.

The ask of the game is that you explore the vast cityscape. The choice of vehicles is also wide from a bus to a sedan and even a BMW. You are free to try drifting around the corners to make things even more interesting for you.

Other players can join you in the middle but you should feel free to smash their vehicles and forge ahead. The game really is a test of your driving skills, stunting skills and creativity. You are free to demolish any obstacles along the way without thinking about the repercussions.

The combination of exceptional graphics, a wide range of cars, and a lack of rules make this a thrilling ride!


Free Rally was developed by toyourleader.com in 2019.

Free Rally Controls

Free Rally can be played using the keys on your keyboard. Use the following keys:

  • W, A, S, D to move the vehicle.
  • C to change and control the camera angles.
  • R for signal.
  • E, Q, Z to turn the vehicle lighting.
  • L, K to use the headlights.