Buggy Rally is a game that has you driving a buggy across uneven mountainous terrain, requiring you to drive smoothly and collect as many stars as possible along the way.

The level will end once you manage to collect these stars and reach the finish line. You can then move on to a new level which will be more difficult due to the rough roads and paths that you will have to cross without toppling or falling over.

These rough paths could also include narrow bridges or uneven ridges with some flat and peaking roads.

You can then go on collecting an increasing number of points and coins to advance your way through different levels until you make your way through them all. The terrain or the track will keep changing slightly once you manage to cross a certain level.


Buggy Rally was developed in 2017 by DAB3Games.

Buggy Rally Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W or front arrow to accelerate
  • S or down arrow to stop or reverse
  • A and D or left and right arrows for navigating left and right
  • Tap controls