If you like races, stunts, speeding and crashing your opponents, we have the perfect game for you. Think no further than Rush Hour D—a game that combines all things fun while also throwing some challenges in the mix.

If you have a fun night planned with friends and are running out of ideas in terms of what to do, this game is sure to keep your audience hooked and the fun will just increase manifolds.

Rush Hour D is an arcade game that is replete with a number of highway hazards. So, the game will test not just your driving skills but also your critical thinking skills.

You have to avoid hitting into hazards and outrun your opponents. There are a lot of cars, trucks, speeding vehicles, breaking and crashing in the game and you are going to thoroughly enjoy all of it!


Rush Hour D was developed by igroutka.ru in 2019.

How to Play Rush Hour D?

You can control the action from your keyboard. Play Rush Hour D using the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W, A, S, D, and arrow keys to control the vehicle.
  • Space for applying brakes.