Racing Nitro is a simple and navigable racing game in which the purpose is to win against your opponents and make your way to the finish line without crashing into anyone or anything.

This game requires you to accelerate your way through the path while also navigating your way through the different lanes on the track. Along the way, various nitro boosters will come your way and you should try to collect as many of them as possible to give you a boost so that you can get ahead in the race.

Once you complete a level, you can win several points and money that you can then make use of to unlock certain upgrades and features for your car. As you cross different levels, you will also be able to unlock different tracks in the game such as the forest, the city, and the desert.

These changing graphics can add an element of fun to the game.


Racing Nitro was developed in 2017 by Happylander Ltd.

How to Play Racing Nitro

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W or front arrow to accelerate
  • A and D or left and right arrows for navigating left and right