is an interesting racing game. The name is a bit unconventional and downplays the rush you will feel once you get started. This game is for those who can handle themselves in a high-stress environment. Get your hands on the ignition and be prepared to encounter the twists and turns of this game.

You will be required to handle some serious speed since it is an online racing game and then there’s the competition. You will be playing with gamers across the globe and your test is to steer your vehicle to the finish line before things go south.

There are boosts to help you get there first and there will be oil spills on the way that you need to escape. Enter your name and hit play.

Developer was released in 2020 by DRA. Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W to increase the speed
  • A to apply brakes
  • S to go left
  • D to go right
  • You can also use arrow keys for the same
  • Steering wheel and the pedals will be on virtual buttons for smartphones

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