Formula Racing is a classic racing game with a super fun interface. You can choose the basic racing mode or go for a Halloween or Christmas theme racing mode if you want a holiday theme.

The tracks are very enjoyable and full of surprises. If you love classic race car games, you are going to love Formula Racing. You can perform extreme stunts on these incredible tracks.

Go up a ramp and fly off the track onto the ground or weave through the trees and other in-game elements—you have complete freedom. There are several boosters on the track that give you a speed boost.

The physics of the game is pretty spot on and the controls are very smooth. You will love racing around in a formula race car and coursing through amazing tracks in different environments.

If you love endless racing and stunts in a professional racing setting, Formula Racing is the perfect game for you.


Formula Racing was developed in 2018 by

Formula Racing Instructions

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W to accelerate
  • S to brake
  • A and D for navigating left and right
  • Left Shift for Boost Nitro
  • Space Bar for HandBrake