Ready to live life in the fast lane? Then, the Extreme Asphalt Car Racing game is the one for you. Put your racing skills to the test and burn your tires in multiple ways. Select your favorite racing car, with the colors, rims, and stickers of your choice to get started. Next, select the track, choose the player mode—single or multiplayer and the game mode.

There are different game modes to choose from i.e., Circuit, Ghost, Lap KO, Checkpoint and Speed Trap mode and then off you go. Win races, earn money and upgrade your car or buy a new cooler, faster and more powerful car, which you can customize.

The action-packed WebGL, HTML5 racing game is very easy to play. Steer your car to stay on track, pick up the nitro bottles on the way, use your nitro boosters and outrace your competition, straight up to the finish line. With really cool graphics, exciting sounds and realistic physics, the Extreme Asphalt Car Racing game is assured to get your pulse on fire.


Extreme Asphalt Car Racing was developed in 2019 by Engin Yildiz

Extreme Asphalt Car Racing Instructions

To play Extreme Asphalt Car Racing, use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Left arrow key to turn left
  • Right arrow key to turn right
  • Down arrow key to brake
  • Shift key for nitro booster