EG Mini Car is one of the most vibrant racing games out there. If you are a gaming enthusiast and always looking for fun games to play, you cannot give this a miss!

The game requires you to prove your prowess as a driver. You have to be the fastest! Face your opponents with fearlessness and show them who the real player is.

The key features of the game include a time trial, two-game mode and arcade. The arcade mode requires you to finish at the top leaving everyone behind. This can be played solo or with a partner.

This makes it perfect for a games night with friends. The second mode is a one-player game and you ought to finish the race as fast as you can to emerge victorious.

Each race takes three laps to complete and you can be assured of unlimited fun all along with the game.


EG Mini Car was developed by in 2019.

How to Play EG Mini Car?

You can play this online game using the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W, A, S, D and arrow keys to move the vehicle.
  • Space to apply handbrakes.