Circular Race is an online multiplayer and single-player HTML5 game where you take control of a car and have to ensure that it does not crash into other cars as your (r)ace through the different circuits that the game has to offer.

In this arcade racing game, the main objective is to carry on driving your vehicle for as long as possible without crashing into other cars and obstacles on the course. You can invite your friends to play with you and compete to find out who is the best circular racer among your gaming group.

The game is available for free online play on your desktop. Along with a desktop version, a mobile version of the game is also ready and available that offers the same perks in a beautiful, easy-to-access landscape mode.

Circular Racer Instructions

Controls for desktop version:

  • For player 1:
    • Left mouse key to accelerate
    • Right mouse key to brake
    • Use your mouse movement to navigate
  • For player 2:
    • Up key to accelerate
    • Down key for brake
    • Left key for navigating left
    • Right key for navigating right

Controls for the mobile version:

  • Use the easy-to-understand on-screen buttons to drive


Circular Racer was developed in 2020 by Fun Best Games.