Unlike most arcade racing games which just require a certain skill in pressing the right buttons at the right time, this game called Brainy Cars demands much more than that. An HTML5 game designed in JavaScript, the game requires you to dig deep and strategize your driving path as soon as possible to win this game.

In this game, your aim is to help the drivers you control to reach their destination by drawing the perfect path for them. The path can be either a straight line or a curved line or any combination of the two. With 17 cool designed cars each with its own unique selection of colors, you have to go through 4 challenging maps to complete this game.

At the moment, the game can only be accessed and played online for free on desktops. We are, however, hopeful that a mobile version of the game will soon hit the shelves.

How to Play Brainy Cars?

The controls for this game are as follows:

  • Click the left key on the mouse to start the route that you are drawing and hold it
  • Slide through the route that you want to draw avoiding obstacles while doing so
  • Release the mouse button at the end-point of your route


Brainy Cars was developed in 2020 by Hit Games.