Blocky Car Racing is a fast-paced racing game in voxel graphics. The game has an amazing retro feel without compromising on the quality of the gameplay. You are a maverick car driver racing through the city while avoiding traffic and dodging other cars.

There are different player modes to suit your needs and the tracks are extensive with plenty of choices. The voxel graphics add to the user experience and make for a refreshing change from run-of-the-mill racing games.

It is an endless game, so you can have hours of fun racing through the city in Blocky Car Racing. It is a novel experience with plenty of detailing in a limited space.

Race around the city at high speeds while avoiding the sharp turns, oncoming traffic and parked cars. This online game is great fun to play and a visual treat to the eyes with contrasting colors and vivid color scape.

Blocky Car Racing is guaranteed to give you a satisfying, endlessly entertaining gameplay every time you play it.

It is fast paced and gives you an amazing high every time you have a near miss with an obstacle or execute a needlepoint turn at breakneck speeds. Try your hand at Blocky Car Racing for an experience like never before!


Blocky Car Racing was developed in 2018 by

Blocky Car Racing Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W to accelerate
  • S to brake
  • A and D for navigating left and right
  • Left Shift for Boost Nitro
  • Space Bar for HandBrake