The 3 Cars game is one of the most thrilling online free games out there. It is similar to other car games and also not similar. What this means is that it promises unlimited fun as you go along.

You need to dodge traffic cones and collect flags as you go along. The winner is the player who goes far with more cones and flags while successfully escaping traffic tickets. So, not only do you have to be vigilant but also ensure that you are fast enough.

The twist is that you will end up being the loser if you miss a flag along the way or come in contact with obstacles on the way. What’s more? You need to control all the cars simultaneously and that requires the next level of concentration and dexterity.

If you are planning to play this with friends, our suggestion would be that you practice beforehand so that you are not embarrassed. This is not a game for beginners!


3 Cars was developed by Fun Best Games in 2019 and has been enthralling gaming enthusiasts since then.

3 Cars Controls

This is a thrilling online game that is very easy to play. You can control the action using your keyboard using the mouse or the touch screen if you have a laptop that supports this technology.