Police Car Town Chase is a fun and funny game at once. It is like reliving the Tom and Jerry chase again except that this time you are in the driver’s seat and have lots on your plate to get through.

You get to collect a lot of coins along the way and these will help you to upgrade your car or get more points. But a word of caution, the game also requires you to evade the police at all times.

You are on a rampage on the town and you have to ensure to dodge every police bullet and police car that is chasing you. This is the basic premise of the game and you have to do everything to avoid objects that can potentially destroy your car.

You have to perform drifts and collect as much money and gold as you like. You are good as long as you don’t get caught! In a way, this game is a test of your driving skills and your ability to think outside the box. The fact that it would appeal to the racing enthusiast in you is just an add-on!


Police Car Town Chase was developed in 2019 by BestCrazyGames.

How to Play Police Car Town Chase?

Police Car Town Chase can be played using the keys on your keyboard. Use the following keys for a seamless experience:

  • W, A, S, D and arrow keys to move the vehicle.
  • Space to apply handbrakes.