Parking Panic is a game that you can play for free online. In this game, you will experience increasingly difficult levels in which your car will be stuck in the parking lot among other cars and vehicles.

To get through each level, you will need to move and drag the other vehicles away from the congestion so that you can clear up a road for your car to get through.

All the vehicles around you will be of different kinds and sizes. The number of vehicles will keep increasing with each level while the size of the parking lot or square will remain the same.

Your own car is usually red in color that you can then drag through to the finishing line of the level once you manage to clear the path. With each level that you pass, you will get a certain number of points.


Parking Panic was developed in 2018 by Playtouch.

How to Play Parking Panic

To play this game, you will need to keep tapping and dragging the left mouse key so that you can move the cars properly.