Extreme Car Parking, as the name suggests, requires you to park your car accurately in extreme or difficult locations. In the beginning, you can expect a more or less straightforward road that you can drive on to reach the yellow rectangle within which you should park your car.

As the levels go on progressing, the roads will also become more and more difficult with the yellow rectangle being placed in remote parts of the road that might even be surrounded by obstacles.

Make sure you navigate your way across these obstacles without crashing into them so that you can pass the level and move on to the next one. The number of obstacles and other cars is likely to increase with each level.

The mission can also change, requiring you to park in reverse in some levels while in the usual straight manner in others.

While the graphics including the roads and the obstacles will remain the same throughout the levels, you can expect changes in their positioning and cluster to make things more challenging.


Extreme Car Parking was developed in 2017 by OkyGames.

Extreme Car Parking Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Front arrow to accelerate
  • Down arrow to reverse
  • Left and right arrows for navigating left and right