Mega City Racing is a racing game with strong cars and amazing attention to detail. The races are categorized into three modes called Racing where you can race against anyone who is online and playing the game, Challenge where you can pick a race with a friend of your choice or the computer and Free Drive which is to practice and chill. This means you have the option of playing a multiplayer game too if you have company.

You can pick from 10 sports cars in the choices of colors. Some controls change based on who you are playing against. For instance, a multiplayer game lets you use arrow keys to navigate the terrain. Speaking of which, there are different tracks and in the Free Drive mode, you can choose to do stunts too.


Mega City Racing was released in 2021 by RHM Interactive.

Mega City Racing Instructions

Use the following keys on your keyboard for a single player game:

  • W, A, S or D to move
  • F to fire up the NOS
  • T to look over your shoulder
  • Spacebar to apply brakes
  • R to adjust your car position

Use the following keys on your keyboard for a multiplayer game:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • K for NOS
  • L to look over your shoulder
  • O to fix your car’s position
  • Arrow + Shift is handbrake