As the name suggests, this online game is all about racing, monster trucks, and unparalleled fun! You get to control multiple vehicles at once and play the game spread over three levels.

The bonus is the aesthetics of the game. Yes, this is an incredibly good-looking game that is sure to make you feel like you have landed in a different space altogether.

There are three routes on which you can drive your monster truck. You can choose that from the three maps at your disposal. The game is simple, you have to follow the instructions and ensure that you reach your goal in the stipulated time.

This online game has a bit of a universal appeal and is sure to excite novices and seasoned players alike.


Offroad Monster Trucks was developed by JulGames in 2019.

How to Play Offroad Monster Trucks?

Offroad Monster Trucks can be played using the keys on your keyboard. Use the following keys:

  • W, A, S, D, and arrow keys to control and move the vehicle.
  • C to control the camera.
  • V to change the vehicle.
  • Space bar to apply handbrakes.