Monster Truck Stunts is a name that basically gives away the entire plot of the game. But we will summarize it for those of you who are wary because you’ve been misled by titles in the past.

This is a game where you have a monster truck. There are 30 levels or stages that you need to go through. The job is to control the truck all through these stages. Why is that so hard or exciting? That’s because you will be facing a ton of obstacles in the process. You need to make sure your truck is balanced and for that, you will need to perform a few stunts too.

Each stunt will earn you points and at the end of the game, you can use those points to buy a new truck. You will have six monster trucks to choose from. Obviously, they get better in terms of their ability to get you through the obstacles and that’s the crux of the game.


Monster Truck Stunts was released in 2020 by newgamess.

Monster Truck Stunts Instructions

Use the following keys:

  • Control your monster truck using the mouse
  • On a smartphone, tap the screen for balance

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