If you have fantasies of running wild all over a mountainous terrain with a monster truck and some obstacles you want to crush on your way, say no more. 4×4 monster might just be the answer to your prayers.

In this game, you will have a heavy vehicle, a monster truck of some kind (that depends on your choice) and you will need to navigate roads on a mountain. And because this is made for those who love the rush of adrenaline from clearing out virtual obstacle courses, you are definitely going to get a kick out of the interface.

The game is very easy to understand because there are hardly any twists except the ones you will encounter on the track. So, tighten your hypothetical racing suits and get started.


4×4 Monster was developed in 2020 by SDV Imants Klava.

4×4 Monster Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Use arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys to move the heavy vehicle
  • On a smartphone, the buttons to help you move the truck will be on the screen

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