There is snow all around and all you have is your car to clear it up. The Snow Drift HTML5, WEBGL game is a fast-paced game that will put you on the edge. All you need to do is select your car and get started. Drift along at high speeds and clear up the snow. But take care not to crash into any of the walls around or obstacles because this will end the game and you must restart the level.

Once you clear up all the snow, you will get onto the next level. As you proceed in the game, the levels become tougher with more walls and obstacles popping up. Beat all the levels and become a drifting pro. The Snow Drift game is guaranteed to put you through your paces and challenge your driving skills like never before.


Snow Drift was developed in 2019 by

Snow Drift Controls

  • To play the Snow Drift game use the W, S, A and D keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard to drive