If racing games excite you, this one is definitely going to impress you. This game is designed for racing enthusiasts and every bit of the frame is a testimony to that. All you ought to do is to showcase your prowess as a driver. You get to perform stunts and waltz through the traffic while doing drifts. The mere thought is exciting!

You can either dive into the atmosphere or resort to advanced car drifting physics to navigate the space in your car. The atmospherics are beautiful and will stimulate the racer in you further.

The best part is that each good move earns you points and you also get to buy new cars along the way.


New Gamer developed Russian Drift Ride 3D in 2019.

Russian Drift Ride 3D Controls

Russian Drift Ride 3D is a fun game that can be controlled using the keys W, A, S and D. You can also use the arrow keys to move the car.