Police Drift & Stunt is a simulator based car game to catch criminals. The scenery is beautiful, which makes it an exciting drive. But don’t get distracted because your job is to score by performing various stunts and drifts.

That’s right. Picture yourself to be in Tokyo Drift, channel your inner Han and you might just have a winner in your hands. The better and tougher the stunts and drifts, the higher your score climbs.

Oh! And you might have guessed this already but you will be doing all of this in a cop car that can be modified to suit your needs. Naturally, there is a siren that gives you the air of authority but interestingly, you can change the colors of the car by hitting just one key. Isn’t that the dream!


Police Drift & Stunt was released in 2021 by Fuego! Games.

Police Drift & Stunt Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Play on the Main Menu to start
  • Arrow keys or W, A, S, D to steer or drive
  • F key for Boost
  • G key to go in slow motion
  • Y to change the car’s color