Mini Drift is a simple but fun car drifting game that you can play online. The track in this game is quite small and you can get an aerial view of the entire track as well as your car as it moves forward.

The purpose of this game is to keep drifting your car as you near the edges so that you can help your car make a successful turn to continue with the lap. Keep tapping on the screen to make your car drift for as long as possible at each turn.

This will allow you to keep earning more points so that you can move on to the next level. You should also avoid crashing into the boundaries of the track otherwise you will need to restart the level.


Mini Drift was developed in 2018 by DAB3Games.

Mini Drift Controls

You can play this game by simply clicking on the ‘Play’ icon at the center and then touching the car with your mouse key to make the car drift or turn.