Lambo Drifter is a 3D racing game. Your only goal is to drift as much as possible because that is going to fetch you points and put you ahead in the game.

While drifting, you get the option to level up and unlock new cars and tracks. This also paves the way for new adventures. You get to see your friends’ and other players’ score and that keeps you motivated to better your score and emerge victorious.

If you enjoy racing games, you are sure to enjoy this one. Lambo Drifter promises to be a great car drifting exercise you will ever indulge in!


Lambo Drifter was developed by AdoLuxGames in 2019.

Lambo Drifter Controls

Lambo Drifter is a simple game that can be played using your keyboard. Use the following keys on the keyboard to control the game:

  • W, A, S, D and arrow keys to move the vehicle and control it.
  • Space bar to apply handbrakes.