The third one on this list is for those of you who are looking for an arcade drifting car game in which you can also perform stunts, your search is over. GTR Drift & Stunt is an aptly named simulator game.

You get to move around against the backdrop of a gorgeous city location. The more and better you are at drifting and performing stunts, the higher your score climbs.

Apart from that, you will have an amazing driving experience because this is a 3D simulation game. You will have the choices of top tier cars to choose from and the paths are filled with thrill.

You get a great view thanks to some really high ramps and the drift feels very realistic. And you can do this in slow motion while you channel your inner race car driver.


GTR Drift & Stunt was developed in 2020 by Fuego! Games.

GTR Drift & Stunt Instructions

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Arrow keys to move the car
  • F for a boost
  • G for slow motion
  • C to change the camera angle
  • Y to change the color of the car