Get on track, be the boss of the road, drift your car like a pro and prove your talent. Drift Boss puts your driving skills to the test. Perfect for all ages, the Drift Boss game offers several hours of entertainment. While it looks deceptively simple, Drift Boss can be quite challenging to drift your way to the finish line.

Get out of the tight spots by anticipating the skids and drift and stay on the road with this cool 3D arcade-like game. Drift along smoothly and collect points. And the more points you collect, the greater number of cool vehicles you can unlock right from taxis, trucks, ice cream trucks, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and more. The full-screen capability of the game, the fully responsive design and the exciting soundtrack are guaranteed to make Drift Boss super fun.


Drift Boss was developed in 2019 by MarketJS

Drift Boss Instructions

  • Hold the spacebar or click to make the car turn right
  • Release the spacebar to make the car turn left
  • Then steer the car left or right