And finally, we have Ace Drift which is for those of you who thought you could do better than Sean (from Tokyo Drift). Well, if you are thinking of the one who just came to Japan, maybe. But that level of skills won’t get you anywhere in this game.

If you’re thinking more on the lines of Initial D, now we’re talking. This is a drifting game that has a ton of curves for you to prove yourself. Your job is to collect coins made of gold at different levels.

You will also have the chance to change the skin of your car at different brand pit stops of sorts like Toyota and Mazda. The names might not impress you but their work will. Get started on the coin collection so that you can unlock and win as many levels as gamer-ly possible.


Ace Drift was released in 2021 by Car

How to Play Ace Drift

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Use the arrow keys to move the vehicle
  • On a smartphone, tap on the buttons on the screen to move