Super Racing GT Drag Pro is a cool car racing game that requires you to win against all your opponents at each level. As you keep winning points and passing different levels, you will be able to unlock different cars that you can then pick from based on their specifications.

You can also customize them as per your preferences. Within each level, there will be several opponents as well as a main powerful opponent that you should win against since they will easily be able to destroy you and damage your car in the race.

You will also be able to upgrade various parts of your car so as to boost its performance.

Based on the instructions provided on the screen, you can improve your car’s speed and performance to make it to the finish line before your opponent. You will have to do this within a certain time limit.


Super Racing GT Drag Pro was developed in 2018 by Playtouch.

Super Racing GT Drag Pro Controls

Use mouse keys or touch the screen as per the instructions on the screen.