King of Drag is a racing game that you can play across five different levels. To get through each level, you have to win the race against your racing opponent and reach the finish line first.

You can choose between ten different race cars that you will be able to unlock as the game moves along and you manage to earn a bunch of points.

To play the game in each level, you will be able to make use of your mouse keys or simply drive your car by tapping on the screen if you are using a phone.

A gear present at the bottom will allow you to control your speed in the race so that you can keep going faster and faster until you manage to cross the other car in the race.

Throughout the lap, you will be able to view the speed as well as the route and your distance from the other car and the finish line.


King of Drag was developed in 2019 by BNAgames.

How to Play King of Drag

You can either use your mouse keys or touch the screen to shift gears in this game.