Formula Drag is a car racing game that essentially relies on your skills to turn and drag your car across the track. As long as you maintain your position on your track without crashing into the boundaries, you will be able to earn some points and move on to different and more advanced levels of the game.

The aim, therefore, is to drive this kind of Formula car as well as possible. You can then go on to pick between four options once you start passing each level. As you drive, you will be able to see your score as well as the high score that you can aim to increase with each level.

Making good use of your fingers or the mouse to drive your car forward will prove advantageous at each level. The controls themselves are quite simple once you manage to figure them out as the game proceeds.


Formula Drag was developed in 2019 by BNAgames.

Formula Drag Instructions

To play this game, you will have to use your mouse keys or touch the screen depending on the device you are playing on.