First of all, this is not what you think. Drag Racing 3D is a very realistic and fun car racing game that is meant to satiate your adrenaline cravings. For starters, you get so much more than many other racing car games. For instance, apart from racing, you get to build the car and tune it to suit your needs too. That’s a novel experience, right?

Now, if you play Career mode, you can try a two-player game too along with other competitors. Second, this is actually a difficult racing game and the two-player game is so side-scrolling which will help.

And as you get better, you can earn money that will help you improve upon your original choice of a ride. You can make the choice depending on the many attributes of the car like speed, acceleration, power, NOS time and so on.


Drag Racing 3D was developed in 2021 by FG Studio.

Drag Racing 3D Controls

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Mouse click to start playing the game
  • Arrow keys or A, D keys for Player 1 to navigate
  • N, M keys for Player 2 to navigate