Nothing like a good car smashing game to help relieve you of some stress and anger, right? Smash My Car is a game that offers you exactly this kind of outlet in a virtual manner.

You can either play this game on your phone or on your PC. Quite simply, you will need to touch or tap on various points of the car so that the tool or bat can smash the car at that point.

The graphics resemble a real smashed car which can make the game quite fun to play. You can also choose different kinds of cars to smash along with different tools to smash them with.

This game further gives you the option of smashing a car with interchanging tools. If you have had enough of the bat, you can go for the bomb or the saw.


Smash My Car was developed in 2017 by DAB3Games.

Smash My Car Controls

To play this game, you simply need to click or tap on the car using your mouse to smash the car.