There are a ton of car parking games out there, but what sets Real Car Parking Drive apart from them is the hyper realistic gameplay. Instead of a bird’s-eye view of the lot, you follow the car closely with a picture in picture of the view from the dashboard.

There are multiple levels of parking—just like in a real parking lot and you have to be a very precise driver to make it into your designated spot. Real Car Parking Drive has brought an innovative twist to parking games.

Every level is more complex than the last. The spaces get tighter as you move along and you have to make very precise movements to avoid crashing into the boundary.

Making turns is extremely complicated and only experienced drivers are able to navigate through the sharp turns in the higher levels. There are quite a few moving elements to keep you on your toes.

There are hundreds of parking games all over the internet but none of them are as precise, realistic or difficult as Real Car Parking Drive. If you think you have the necessary skill set, come try your hand at this incredibly complex and interesting game.


Real Car Parking Drive was developed in 2019 by

Real Car Parking Drive Instructions

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W to accelerate
  • S to brake
  • A and D for navigating left and right
  • Left Shift for Boost Nitro
  • Space Bar for HandBrake