If mafia games fascinate you, this online game is going to completely ensnare you. While playing this game, you get to impersonate a mafia reigning over an entire city. Let us warn you beforehand, the power rush can be addictive!

The basic premise is simple. You are a mafia who has just come out of jail and is itching to take control over the entire city. There are layers and different things that you need to conquer, all designed in the game. Not only is it super fun but also simple to play.

The game looks stunning and the visual appeal will add to the aura of the mafia you are supposed to be donning.


Mafia Driver Vice City Crime was developed by igroutka.ru in 2019.

How to Play Mafia Driver Vice City Crime?

This is a simple and fun game and the action can be controlled through the keyboard. Use the following keys to play the game:

  • W, A, S, D to drive your swanky car in the city.
  • C to control the camera.
  • Esc to pause your car.