If you love sci-fi then you’re sure to love the fast-paced Futuristic Racing 3D game. Futuristic Racing 3D is a really cool flying car racing game. The WebGL game allows you to choose from 4 maps of cities where you can race your car.

You can choose from 7 car models—Jet Rod, Willy Rocker, Early Bird, UTI A-Series, Air Breath, LuckyCab and Montyfire and you can also upgrade your car in terms of the colors, add-ons and cool decals. You can also select from the 4 gameplay modes—one side mode, 2-sided mode, check-in time mode and free ride mode.

Get a bonus every day, spin the wheel of fortune to earn extra money and get started. Choose the city roads that you want to race on, use the turbo speed to overtake other vehicles on the road, set new records and earn extra points for high-speed risky driving.

With its stunning graphics, exciting music and fantastic driving experience, this action-packed racing game is sure to set you on the edge and be a part of this jet-powered world.


Futuristic Racing 3D was developed in 2019 by New Gamer

Futuristic Racing 3D Instructions

Use the following keys on your keyboard to play Futuristic Racing 3D:

  • W or up arrow to accelerate
  • S or down arrow to brake
  • A or left arrow to turn left
  • D or right arrow to turn right
  • Space to jump
  • X to boost
  • I to toggle UI