If you think that you’re a good driver, find out how good you really are driving on a super-busy road. The Fast Car Traffic is a realistic 3D WebGL driving game that lets you test your driving skills. You must drive your car carefully on a very busy road with a lot of traffic.

The game allows you to choose the way you want to drive by giving you an option of 3 modes to choose from—fuel mode, where you must cover a certain distance in the amount of fuel you have and collect fuel on the way, the time trial mode, where you must drive for a specific amount of time or the endless mode where there are no restrictions and you have complete freedom to drive.

However, you must be careful not to collide with other cars on the road. Pass the other car very closely and earn extra points. Complete the different levels of the game, collect more points and win. Great for players of all ages, Fast Car Traffic offers realistic gameplay, cool sound effects and excellent graphics that make it super fun.


Fast Car Traffic was developed in 2019 by JulGames

How to Play Fast Car Traffic

To play the Fast Car Traffic game, use the keys mentioned below:

  • W, A and D keys or the arrow keys to drive the car and control it
  • S to brake
  • Spacebar key to horn
  • L to control the brightness of the car’s headlights