Extreme Car Racing Simulation Game 2019 is a great online game for all the racing enthusiasts out there. As you can probably tell by its name, this game is all about crazy races and is packed with a lot of action.

The furious and adventurous racers out there get a whole track to themselves to take their vehicles out there. The best part? You get to break the rules because guess what, you don’t have to abide by the traffic rules and speed considerations.

You can simply take your car and drive away without the fear of police chasing you. And along the way, you should not be scared of performing some illegal stunts. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


Extreme Car Racing Simulation Game was developed in 2019 by Flick Gamer.

Extreme Car Racing Simulation Game 2019 Controls

This game, as thrilling as it is, can be controlled through your keyboard and can be played on the web. There is nothing major that you need to do and you can break the rules from the comfort of your drawing room.

To help you, use the keyboard keys A and D for navigating directions, W for acceleration and S for hitting breaks.