Drift Race 3D is quite a simple game that you can either play on your PC or on your phone. All you need to do in this game is to drive your car around by making accurate left and right turns.

There are multiple zig-zagging turns that you will need to navigate throughout all the levels in this game. This is also a racing game, so you will need to win against the other cars in each level to make it to the finish line on time.

Along the way, you will accumulate a bunch of points or coins that you will be able to view on your screen.

Once you keep advancing through the levels, you can easily earn the title of the drift king.


Drift Race 3D was developed in 2021 by BPTop.

Drift Race 3D Controls

To play this game, you will simply need to make use of your mouse or phone screen to make a turn by pressing the mouse key down. You can tap to turn right and release the key to turn left.