Cube City Racing is a two-player game that promises a lot of fun and great memories. It is ideal for spending some fun times with a bunch of friends. It combines driving and stunts to create a really fun game!

You are taken on a journey in the cube world driving cubic cars. You get to choose not only your car but also your place in the traffic. You are free to choose a smooth ride or you can partake in a lot of twists and turns designed in the game.

Though this game can also be played as a one-player game, we would truly suggest you play it with a friend because that will just make things super awesome and super fun!


Cube City Racing was developed by RHM Interactive in 2019.

Cube City Racing Instructions

Cube City Racing can be played using your keyboard. Use the following keys:

  • Player 1: Use W, S, A, D and left shift to control the vehicle.
  • Player 2: Arrow keys and right shift to control and move the vehicle.