How confident are you in your driving skills? Confident Driver is an HTML5 game designed in JavaScript which literally tests your quick decision-making skills as a driver as you are to skirt your way through the high roads of New York City while avoiding the many obstacles that the city throws at you.

In this game, you have to do everything in a New-York minute as you control your car and pick the right lanes to avoid crashes with oncoming vehicles such as Mini Coopers, New York taxi cabs, trucks, police cars, etc. along with dodging oil spills, roadblocks and ice on the winter roads. You can’t afford to make a single mistake or you are out.

The game can be played online for free on desktops as well as on mobile platforms. Set in the portrait mode for the mobile platforms, the game is really accessible for gamers.

Confident Driver Controls

Controls for the desktop version:

  • W or Up key to accelerate
  • S or Down key to brake
  • A or Left key for navigating left
  • D or Right key for navigating right

Controls for the mobile version:

  • Use the easy-to-understand on-screen buttons to drive


Confident Driver was developed in 2020 by MarketJS.