The Car Toys Season 1 is a cute animated car game, where some mad intruder cars are disturbing the peace of the beautiful neighborhood. But, there’s no reason to worry. The police, fire truck, and ambulance are there to restore the peace. Drive your vehicles through the streets, bump the troublemakers, remove them by bouncing them over the ramp and save your town.

Then, drive the vehicles to the parking bays and park safely without racing off the platform. Complete the different levels, which become more and more challenging to earn points. The HTML5 game has 48 levels that you must complete. The Car Toys Season 1 is an interesting game that is guaranteed to keep engrossed for hours.


City Toys Season was developed in 2018 by Bofer Media (Twim Studio)

Car Toys Season Controls

To play Car Toys Season, use the controls on your mouse