If online driving games is something that you enjoy, you will find this game unmissable. Proton Coach Simulator combines not only the rush of driving but also gives you the chance to learn about driving a real coach and navigating situations that may be faced by a real driver on a real drive.

Just as one would expect coach drivers to do in real life, you have to pick people from different places and show them around telling them about the landscapes and buildings on the way.

The interiors of the coach and the visual aesthetics of the game are such that you feel like you are on a real journey!

This game will satiate your desire for driving while teaching you patience and perseverance and people skills. What’s not to like?


Proton Coach Bus Simulator was developed in 2019 by igroutka.ru.

Proton Coach Bus Simulator Controls

This online game can be controlled using the keys on your keyboard:

  • W, A, S, D to move and control the coach bus.
  • Space bar for applying brakes.