Offroad Passenger Bus Simulator: City Coach Simulator is an exciting reading game that is thrilling, to say the least. Instead of a car, you get to drive a truck and that is the best part. The power and rush that come with it are exciting!

You are driving a bus and required to pick up passengers. You are also required to drop them off with huge responsibility. So, while there is a rush to drive a truck, you cannot go berserk as the lives of people are in your hands. You also have to watch the traffic and the rules. So, duty driving is not easy!

Another thing that is exciting about the game is its aesthetics such as the 3D environment, twisted routes, and many driveways. So, it is a beautiful game that just transports you to a great environment.


This game was developed in 2019 by zuma studio.

Offroad Passenger Bus Simulator: City Coach Simulator Instructions

This is an easy-to-play game and you can control the action through your keyboard. It is an offline game that does not require any Wi-Fi connection or internet. This makes it easy to play offline also.

You can control the action via a keyboard using arrow keys for controlling the bus. Please use some special characters such as W for accelerating and speeding up and S for putting the brakes.