Offroad Mania is a complex driving game that has amazing challenges at each level. You have to drive a 4×4 car through tricky paths and obstacles and get to the finish line.

This is not a game when you can thoughtlessly barge ahead—you need real skill and patience to win this physics-based game. Look before you leap and you will be able to navigate through the insane challenges in your path.

There are a whopping 120 levels full of the toughest obstacles you can imagine. The paths are filled with rocks, ramps, trees, boulders, bridges, springboards, etc. You can customize your car and driver as you like.

Offroad Mania is everything you can imagine—and more! You need an extremely logical mind and a very steady hand to be able to win this game. The graphics are colorful and clear, you really feel the ups and downs of the path with this game.

The physics of the car and your stunts is extremely accurate—just like the real thing. If you have a penchant for games that make you exercise your driving skills through precarious terrain, this is the perfect game for you.


Offroad Mania was developed in 2019 by Active Games.

How to Play Offroad Mania

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W to accelerate
  • S to brake
  • A and D for navigating left and right
  • Left Shift for Boost Nitro
  • Space Bar for HandBrake