Hard Wheels 2 is an HTML5 arcade racing game. In this game, you take control of a monster truck and go on your own off-track journey. Commanding the heavy off-road vehicle, your objective is to balance the monster truck and overcome many challenging obstacles in the shortest time possible.

Making it to the finish line in the shortest time possible earns you a three-star performance and unlocks various add-on features that you can use to enhance your vehicle and gaming experience.

You can play the game online for free on your desktop. Along with a desktop version, the game is also available to be played with the ease of your smartphone in landscape mode.

How to Play Hard Wheels 2

Controls for the Desktop Version:

  • W or Up key to accelerate
  • S or Down key to brake
  • A or Left key for navigating left
  • D or Right key for navigating right

Controls for the Mobile Version:

  • Use the easy-to-understand on-screen buttons to drive.


Hard Wheels 2 was developed in 2021 by SDV Imants Klava.