Desert Rally transports you to the middle of the desert in hot and humid conditions. The sun is shining steadily over you and the roads look parched and it is in these conditions that your jeep is giving signs of rumbling. It is ready to roar and you are entrusted with the task to take it out and perform some tasks.

The game has several race tracks and you need to take your jeep on these tracks for a good time. You have to keep a tab on the time and make sure you don’t hit any impediments. The 3D graphics and the feel of the game are enough to put you in a different zone.

You are sure to enjoy this game! Get your friends along for some awesome memories!


Desert Rally was developed by MarketJS in 2019.

Desert Rally Instructions

Desert Rally is an easy game to play and you can play the game using the keys on your keyboard:

  • Left, right arrow keys to steer your vehicle and control its movement.