Complete Guide to the Best Miata Brake Pads

Best Miata Brake Pads

It’s simple, brake pads wear out. Unlike other components that you may never need to think about, you replace your pads often enough to want to make the right choice.

There are also plenty of reasons, beyond just practicality, to look into new pads.

  • Maybe you’re sick of the ridiculously dusty brake pads the previous owner put in your Miata.
  • Maybe you find yourself at the track a lot and want brake pads that won’t glaze over.
  • Maybe autocross brake pads with maximum bite are your priority.
  • Or maybe you just want the thrill of going from 60 to 0 in the shortest possible distance.

Whatever the reason for changing your Miata’s pads, in this guide we’ll look at the best Miata brake pads on the market.

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